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10/17/08 06:16 AM #1    

Dave Sumption

Hi all. Thanks for starting this site, Donna and Karen. The class of 66 has a cool site and I hope this one is popular with our class. It is so much better than the other reunion sites. I have been in contact with Mary Madson and Jill Kronenberger from the class of 66 on their site and it is cool. I have very good memories of my time at Augie and look forward to seeing more classmates sign up. As for me, I am alive and well in sunny California and lovin’ live.

Don’t forget to have fun,

09/11/17 03:33 PM #2    


Barry Gubrud

We've moved from VA to CA.  I retired after 37 years working in Manassas.  Since we don't have family on the east coast and a trip to SD/MN the week before Christmas (highs seldom reached zero) we decided to move to the Napa/Sonoma area north of San Francisco.  Jan grew up in Napa and has sisters in Napa & Glen Ellen. House prices and availability placed us in Santa Rosa.  We less than 30 minutes to the ocean and around an hour to San Francisco.  We sold our house in VA in less than 48 hours, which was a lot faster than we had planned. Actually moving this year was faster than we had planned, I had to cancel our September OBX beach week that we had been doing for over 30 years.  We found a house in Santa Rosa the day after it went on the market and put in an offer.  We were the first offer and it was accepted.

Our household was picked up 7/29 and we signed our settlement papers on 7/31.  Now homeless while the new house paper work was being processed, we used DocuSign a lot, we started our drive to CA.  We made 2 day stops in New Orleans and San Antonio and three days in Tucson where Jan has a niece. We had an overnight stop between each of the extended stays.  Being homeless, we had to stay somewhere.  We got the keys to the new house on 8/25 and received our stuff from VA a week later.

Backing up a bit, you may remember Mark Larson posting in April about losing his second cousin Janice Robinson Coleman to cancer.  Janice’s father and my mother were brother/sister.  Frank worked the Academy farm while we were students there. I hadn’t seen my cousins since their father funeral several years earlier.  We flew to Bothell WA to visit family and attend the memorial service. At the reception, I ran into Ken Johnson.  From Mark’s post, Ken had made the connection between Jan Coleman and the Janice Robinson he had taken math classes with.  Funny the people that you run into at funerals.  I was able to introduce Ken to several of my cousins who were also Augie alum.

Hope to see you in 2019.


09/19/17 02:22 PM #3    

Leif Pedersen

When we graduated in 1965, everyone in the class would agree that 70 was old. Today, when I turn 70, most of us believe 70 is no longer "old". What is old? Part of it, is in your mind. Part of it, is health luck or your efforts to stay as physically fit as possible. For me, maybe age 80, with luck age 90. If Betty White can be young at 90, maybe we can?

09/19/17 03:16 PM #4    

Mark Larson

Happy 70th birthday, Leif!  Enjoy this special day and many more like it in the future, ideally with your camera in hand creating more beautiful photographs.  And that reminds me of a favorite quote from naturalist’s Sigurd Olson:

“When you lose the power of wonderment, you become old. No matter how old you are. If you have the power of wonderment, you are forever young. The whole world is pristine and new and exciting. That, I think, is the secret to any artistic endeavor - as long as you can be excited, as long as you can wonder about the magnificence of the world and of the whole universe, you'll stay forever young.”

09/20/17 10:15 AM #5    

Leif Pedersen

Mark, thanks. Your quote is right on. With camera in hand I am always on that never ending quest to document natures fantastic beauty for everyone to see. I'll call you ahead of time when I get a chance to get out to your area. Thanks again.

09/20/17 07:02 PM #6    


Barry Gubrud

Happy 70th, Leif!  ​Been there, got the T-shirt.  To celebrate, Jan & I are going over to the beach near Jenner, CA tomorrow. No, wait. The trip is to celebrate Jan's birthday. We'll keep an eye out for photo opportunities for your trip this way.

07/02/21 02:57 PM #7    


Barry Gubrud

Happy Birthday Mark, 

We hope you and your family are well & safe. Sonoma is in extreme drought, so we keep a sharp eye for any sign of smoke.  We missed the extreme temps of your northern neighbors.

Barry & Jan

07/02/22 11:39 PM #8    


Barry Gubrud

Happy Birthday Mark.  Sorry to have missed the last couple of zooms.  We finially decided to travel to MN to see Mom who will be 97 in August. Had a thunder storm roll through with almost 2" of rain. We had forgotten what one sounded and looked like.

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